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The Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI), in partnership with Indiana University, Bloomington and Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, has been selected as an NEA Research Lab by the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) to undertake the Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (AEI) Lab. The AEI Lab will conduct multiple studies to examine the impact of artists on non-arts industries/occupations, artists and new economies (e.g., by comparing crowdfunded arts projects with non-arts projects), digital media growth, and arts sector growth related to the broader economy.

CCI will be working with Joanna Woronkowicz, assistant professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, and Douglas Noonan, professor and Faculty Advisory Council member at the Indiana University Public Policy Institute. This partnership will convene arts leaders with members of the research community to share the Lab's research findings and plans for future work. 

The Lab will focus on addressing the following questions:

  • What is the artist's role in civic innovation?
  • What leadership role do artists play in emerging "platform" and "gig" economies?
  • Where does innovation and economic growth occur in the digital media sector?
  • Which arts sectors are linked to broader societal innovation, as reflected by U.S. economic and job growth?

“We are thrilled to be working again with the NEA since the ‘Creativity Connects’ report, which CCI published with the NEA in 2016 to explore the most current trends and conditions affecting artists throughout the United States. With the AEI Lab we will look more acutely into the connections between the arts and non-arts sectors pertaining to economic and societal innovations. CCI is especially eager to be working with Doug Noonan and Joanna Woronkowicz, both leading researchers of the state of the arts and practicing artists.” - CCI President and CEO Angie Kim

Read more about the project on the AEI Lab website, the online platform to publicly present this research aimed at better understanding the role of arts and culture in innovation.




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