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Please note that the CALI Accelerator grant program is updating its guidelines.

January 15, 2021 was the final program deadline. Stay tuned for details about CALI's next phase.


Investing in Arts Leadership in California

The CALI Accelerator program will award grants of up to $1,000 to emerging arts professionals affiliated with a nonprofit arts organization, with a priority for those whose perspectives are not well represented by the conventional arts and culture field, to practice their leadership vision and voice. Grants are awarded on a monthly basis throughout the year.

The perspectives of early career administrators, younger professionals, and those who come from underrepresented backgrounds as a result of geographic location, socio-economic backgrounds, educational levels, and ethnicity have tended to be marginalized; yet the future vitality and relevancy of the arts and culture field needs this very combination of voices. In response to these circumstances and with the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, CCI affords emerging arts professionals with opportunities to identify, exercise, and hone their vision and voice.

Apply online by the 15th of the month to support activities taking place 60 days or more from the application deadline. You will receive notification about your request by the 15th of the following month.

In October 2018, guidelines were updated to emphasize individual leadership development that prepares applicants to be influential in their organization, discipline, or larger arts and culture field. These changes were reflected with the addition of “Accelerator” to the CALI program name. Prior to this iteration, the program was known as CALI and even earlier, as the NextGen Arts Program. To ensure you are eligible for a CALI Accelerator grant, please read the online Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

PLEASE NOTE—NEW TEMPORARY GUIDELINES: In light of the impacts of COVID-19 on the arts and culture sector statewide, the CALI Accelerator grant program will temporarily expand its guidelines to reflect the ever-changing needs of emerging arts leaders across the state. In addition to the usual opportunities that qualified under our CALI Accelerator guidelines prior to April 16, 2020, applications with proposed activities that will enable emerging arts leaders to shape or pivot to an unprecedented new reality for their organizations post-COVID-19 will now be accepted. Understandably, many organizations are strategizing around implementing new business models, restructuring their programming efforts, and focusing on next steps to survive. To accommodate the needs of the field, we welcome applications from individuals who fit the eligibility criteria per our guidelines and who plan to exercise leadership to bolster their organization's short- and long-term vision. From meeting with a strategy consultant on how to develop a new strategic plan for the organization to attending an online technical support workshop for Zoom, the CALI Accelerator Grant Program welcomes applications that will help the arts and culture sector, and its organizations and emerging leaders, pivot to the new realities of COVID-19 and its aftermaths.

CALI Accelerator is on hiatus.

Stay tuned for details about CALI's next phase!


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