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The California Arts Leadership Now (CAL-Now) network - a cohort of seven entities that serve arts professionals in various regions of California - was managed by CCI from 2017 - 2022. The objectives of the network were to facilitate connections among the seven distinct CAL-Now entities in ways that built community and cohesion; 2) promote the exchange of resources and learning among participants; and 3) expose participants to places and ideas that would inform their development as organizational leaders as well as thought leaders in the field. During CCI's management of the network, these objectives were realized through in-person convenings, monthly video conference calls, member-led workshops, and closed group platforms. Additionally, network representatives engaged in professional development via panel participation, meeting facilitation, and content curation opportunities.

Network Members

Center for Cultural Innovation

ACTIVATE - Emerging Arts Leaders (f.k.a. Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles)

Emerging Arts Professionals, San Francisco/Bay Area

genARTS Silicon Valley

Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI)

Public Matters

Rising Arts Leaders

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CAL-Now Grant Program

The CAL-Now grant program provided general operating support to emerging arts leadership associations in California from 2018 - 2021. These groups, individually and as a statewide network, have helped early-career professionals of all ages and backgrounds to build long-lasting professional relationships, practice leadership, and gain knowledge and informed perspectives. They have provided opportunities for individuals in the arts—artists and arts workers—to exercise influence now so that they can become powerful leaders in the future. California’s arts and culture community has benefited from the existence of emerging arts leadership associations, which has helped the field identify and engage future arts leaders thus ensuring that their perspectives inform policies and practices. The arts field has become more relevant with their voices, and emerging arts leader entities have contributed to the arts sector’s vitality.

The CAL-Now grant program concluded its support of emerging arts leadership associations in 2021. After three years of supporting this piece of the arts infrastructure, the final application cycle took place in February 2021, after which grantees were awarded two years of general operating support.

The CAL-Now network and the CAL-Now grant program were supported in part by funding from: