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Financial Literacy & Money Consciousness for Artists (LA)

Led by Claire Van Holland of CVLedger, this workshop will help reduce the “fear factor” that artists struggle with when dealing with their money management concerns. Co-presented by SBCC and Creative Incite in Wilmington, Los Angeles. 


Collaborative Practice (LA)

Join artist and behavioral economist Maceo Paisley (Citizens of Culture) for a 3-hour workshop designed to help artists or freelancers increase their ability and effectiveness at structuring and executing collaborations and partnerships with other individuals, nonprofits, government agencies, and corporate partners.

Health Insurance for Art Workers (SF)

Get clear guidance on your health insurance options, including Covered California and Medi-Cal. Learn how to get affordable insurance with the help of tax credits, and find answers for your other burning questions! Co-presented by The Actors Fund, Intersection for the Arts, and Center for Cultural Innovation.


Telling Your Story (LA)

Real, honest stories, told well, are like a super power we all have access to. We become masters of perspective. Telling stories that bind us, that say "we are all in this together," helps us to inspire, heal, motivate, gain perspective, build community, and establish real connections with those far and wide.

Community Funding & Ongoing Income (LA)

Build your community in a way that creates a reciprocal relationship with the folks who like your work. This workshop addresses both financial and non-financial engagement building and the various online tools available for maintaining a community and receiving financial support for one’s work.
Find Funding


Find Funding

Show Me the Money!

If only it were that easy. At CCI, we understand that whether you are well established or just starting out, all artists need access to financial resources.

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Quick Grant Program

The Quick Grant Program provides reimbursement funds to San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit organizations and individual artists in the State of California for professional development activities.

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California Art Leaders Investment (CALI) Accelerator Program

CALI Accelerator (formerly Next Gen Arts) grants provide scholarships up to $1,000 to nonprofit arts administrators, with a priority for those whose perspectives are not well represented by the conventional arts and culture field, to practice their leadership vision and voice.