Unfettering Artists' Productivity and Impact

Artist Research

CCI has long been a part of major efforts in the arts field to draw attention to and catalyze support for individual artists. Currently, CCI is embarking on a yearlong research effort to generate current knowledge about changing artistic practices and implications for their systems of support. Please add your voice to this research by reading and commenting on observations made on the dedicated research site Creativz.


CREATIVZCreativz, an online platform for the public to engage in pressing issues facing artists and participate in a conversation about the kinds of support systems artists need today. This site is part of a larger, national research effort used to generate the report Creativity Connects: Trends and Conditions Affecting U.S. Artists. The report describes significant changes that alter definitions of artists, how they sustain their practice, and yet-unrealized potential to contribute positively to social issues and apply creativity throughout all sectors. Lend your voice on Creativz!


linc_logo.jpg Leverage Investments in Creativity, 2003 - 2013: A ten-year initiative to improve support systems for artists in the United States.


Urban Institute Urban Institute, 2003, Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for U.S.