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CENTER FOR CULTURAL INNOVATION promotes KNOWLEDGE SHARING, networking and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs by providing business training, grants and INCUBATING INNOVATIVE PROJECTS that create new program knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field.


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Announcement of CCI's New Interim President & CEO

The Center for Cultural Innovation is pleased to announce that Angie Kim is our new Interim President and CEO as of July 15, 2014. She has been a board member of CCI since 2009 and recently stepped down as Board Chair to assume this position. She succeeds Cora Mirikitani who became CCI’s founding President and CEO in 2006. For a full description, please click below.


ARC 2014 Final Round Grantees Announced

The Center for Cultural Innovation is pleased to announce the fourteen Los Angeles County artists who are recipients of the final round of the Artists' Resource for Completion (ARC) Grants. 


Investing in Artists 2014 Performing and Media Arts Round Grantees Announced

Twenty-four California artists were announced as recipients of Investing in Artists 2014 Performing and Media Arts round grants.





Show Me the Money!

If only it were that easy. At CCI, we understand that whether you are well established or just starting out, all artists need access to financial resources.



Click here to learn about the Creative Capacity Fund.



Professional Development Workshops for Artists

The Business of Art
Begins September 17

CCI’s signature program, the Business of Art™, is specifically designed to enhance the business skills of artists and creative entrepreneurs. As a Business of Art™ student, you will learn key skills that will provide you with the knowledge and resources to help advance your art career, develop your ideas, and increase your financial independence. Over five weeks, you will learn key concepts involved in goal-setting, marketing and self-promotion, money management, legal issues, strategic planning and project financing. 


Time Management for Artists 
November 12, 2014, 6:30-9:30 pm

This workshop is designed to help you recognize and perhaps reconsider your personal concept of time. You will gain a clear understanding of how you currently use your time in order to best determine how you really want to spend those available hours within any given day.  You will receive practical management methods; skills and techniques for identifying key time wasters; help in setting boundaries and managing frequent distractions and interruptions; and tips on how to prioritize yourself and your artwork.  


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