Unfettering Artists' Productivity and Impact



CCI offers ongoing and one-time grant opportunities for individual artists and arts workers with open application cycles occurring throughout the year that center a range of disciplines and focus areas. (Click here to learn about CCI's grant opportunities.) For this reason, we are recruiting a diverse pool of panelists in terms of field of experience, background, and place of residence.

Prospective panelists should have an interest in the grantmaking process and in supporting individuals in the arts, and a deep understanding of a particular discipline or area of experience. We also encourage folks who are coming up in the field to consider serving on a grant panel as a professional development experience. All panelists receive an honorarium for their valuable time and efforts. 

Panelists will be selected based on the needs of the particular grant panel and contacted by CCI staff to discuss panel participation and commitment (including, but not limited to, online training, independent application review and scoring, and a virtual panel review meeting). Candidates’ information will be kept on file for two years (2024 to 2025). We will only contact you if you are being considered for an upcoming panel.

Introduce Yourself to CCI 

CCI wishes to acknowledge the California Arts Council and San Francisco Arts Commission for their panelist recruitment materials, which we used as models when creating our own ephemera.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact CCI at grants@cciarts.org.