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Sian Morson

Sian Morson is supporting Sol Center's work to develop portable benefits via DAO structures--a project we're calling Protections, Benefits & Joy, or PB&J! Sian is a visionary thought-leader, blockchain enthusiast, and Web3 Innovator working at the center of emerging technology, NFTs, community development, and public speaking. Throughout her successful career, Sian has had the opportunity to build an arsenal of both technical and creative skills that have helped her transform businesses, optimize high-performing teams, and accelerate the growth of top-tier brands.

Sian has spent her entire career on the frontlines of diversity and has thrived in the face of challenges of all sizes. Her diverse background and unique set of skills have perfectly positioned Sian to usher in a new era of Web3 builders, meta-architects, and NFT artists. Outside of bridging the communication gaps between communities and builders, Sian also holds the role of Editor at 'The BlkChain,' the go-to source for coverage of NFT art and music with a focus on the culture.