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Norrell Thompson


Norrell has worked within the field of arts, culture, and social justice since 2016 by providing consulting assistance through research, analysis, meeting and event planning and project management. Current and past client projects include the evaluation of Firelight Media’s Documentary Lab; evaluation of the  Sundance Institute’s Art of Nonfiction program; phase II evaluation of Stories of Change for  Sundance Institute and Skoll Foundation; a Ford Foundation-funded feasibility study to  advance inclusion of disability in the media; staff strategic planning for Mellon Foundation  Arts & Culture Program, CAAM, Exposure Labs, and Firelight Media, respectively; among many other consulting projects. 


Norrell is a Grammy-nominated professional vocalist in the genres of salsa, jazz and other folkloric styles and performs frequently in Los Angeles and occasionally on tour. She has  dedicated herself to a life of service, music, and community through volunteerism with women and children and through her work with animals. A native  Spanish speaker, Norrell grew up in Puerto Rico and lives in Long Beach. She received her  B.A. in anthropology from UCLA, magna cum laude, and her Certification of Project  Management from University of California-Irvine.  

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