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CCI - Telling Your Story

Topic: Marketing/Communications

Provider/Presenting Organization: Center for Cultural Innovation

Location: Los Angeles Area

Telling Your Story (POSTPONED)
with Christopher Rivas


*This workshop will be rescheduled for 2019. Check back for details.*


Are you telling stories or are you just talking? What’s the difference between talking and being heard? Like our parents used to say, “In one ear and out the other.” So how do we get a story to actually stick, to go in one ear and come ALIVE in the mind?
This is where the power of personal story comes in. 
My philosophy is that stories, real, honest stories, told well, are like a super power we all have access too. We become masters of perspective. Telling stories that bind us, that say, “we are all in this together.”  We can use these stories to inspire, heal, motivate, gain perspective, build community, and establish real connections with those far and wide. 
Together we'll get a little deeper than the "elevator pitch." We will ask, "what is the core of your personal story, of your journey, how do you share what you know?" I'll show you how and why you share something that powerfully communicates what you know, what you don't (yet) know, why you do what you do, your personal mission and core values.
Who is this workshop for? 
CCI's mission is to provide entrepreneurial training, knowledge and resources to artists from all disciplines, industries, and cultural practices. In that spirit, this workshop will help anyone and everyone feel empowered to tell their personal story (or the story of their company or project) in an authentic way, for customers, clients, donors, investors, funders, family, or friends.
Maybe you've always wanted to tell a personal story but didn't know where to start. Or you want to get something off your chest, you want to win The MOTH, a story slam, you want to sell a product better, or give a better keynote or Ted Talk, or just get it out. I'll help you transform your blind dates, visits from unruly parents, passion projects, mission statements and epic adventures into insightful, compelling and masterful revelations that will be received by all. I'll show you how to make your story relatable and tantalizing to readers, listeners and editors. Through the power of story your projects, products, and passions will be given a voice that resonates with the listener--a story they will want to invest in. Above all else, we will have a damn good time! (No writing or performance experience is necessary.)
About the Trainer:
I'm Christopher Rivas, I’m a world-traveler and intrepid storyteller. Human narratives are my single greatest passion. I'm a two-time Moth winner, actor, social activist, teacher, and speaker.  As a speaker, I work with organizations all over the world using the power of storytelling to craft messages that matter, that are memorable, that are relatable, that are human.
As a storyteller, I've developed and facilitated storytelling workshops for The WWE, UNHCR, Hollywood Heart Foundation, LAUSD, LAMP on Skid Row, Safe Place For Youth, The Museum Of Broken Relationships, The Skirball Cultural Center, Unplug Meditation Studio, Soul Hum, UCLA, CalArts, Agape International Spiritual Center, and more. I've transformed anxiety into excitement for hundreds of people with my performance and public-speaking coaching. I'm also the proud founder of Lifestyledezine, a community dedicated to exploring and realizing the power of compassionate storytelling. Speaking engagements include: guest lecturer at NYU, UCLA and CalArts, Entrepreneurs Organization, Peace and Love Film Festival (Örebro, Sweden), DAH Teatro (Serbia, Belgrade), Unplug Meditation Studio, Soul Hum, Los Angeles GreenFest.  

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