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Successful Project Management

9:30 AM, October 12, 2013

Topic: Management/Strategic Planning

Provider/Presenting Organization: CompassPoint

Location: San Francisco Bay Area


Do you have a special project underway or looming on the horizon, such as a fundraising event, an office move, the installation of a new system, or the launch of a new program? This workshop will provide an overview of successful project management techniques and introduce tools you can use to plan, organize, and execute your project. We'll define the role of project manager and the key requirements for project planning, design, and implementation. Then, using some real-life examples, we will show you how to set up tasks, assignments, and timeframes; how to get people to help with your project; and introduce you to some tools to make project management easier. Come with a project management issue to work on!

COST: $165 - $235