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CCI - NFTs, Smart Contracts, & DAOs: Oh My!

September 29, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Topic: Networking/Field Learning

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NFTs, Smart Contracts, & DAOs: Oh My! 

A Workshop for Creatives Who are Curious and Cautious about Web3


With all the terms and technology, the Web3 space can feel intimidating, flat-out scary for artists and creative entrepreneurs. But don’t let fear keep you from seeing or seizing the creative opportunities that do exist! Amy Whitaker, NYU Professor and CCI AmbitioUS ally, says that “Blockchain is the future of creative labor” and we want ALL creatives to be able to take full advantage of these possibilities while also knowing how to protect themselves from legal risks. In this workshop, we’ll offer lots of practical knowledge taken straight from the recently published CCI paper by Alex Glancy at GGH LLP, “NFTs, Smart Contracts, & DAOs: A Resource for Creatives.” 

We’re thrilled to pair Alex Glancy herself along with renowned and celebrated NFT artist, Kas Vegas as your guides into the space. Come dive into the nitty gritty with us as we unpack some of the unseen opportunities of blockchain technologies and ways of protecting your intellectual property while also finding success as an NFT artist.




Alex Glancy is a partner and founding attorney at GGH LLP, where she practices transactional law. Alex advises startups, social enterprises, impact-oriented companies, and creatives. She focuses in the areas of corporate structuring and governance, fundraising, business transactions, and intellectual property. Alex is experienced with the formation of business entities including LLCs, corporations, benefit corporations, nonprofits, and cooperatives. She also counsels on fundraising strategies and handles securities compliance at the federal and state levels. Alex leads the firm’s intellectual property (IP) practice. She counsels on copyright and trademark matters for entrepreneurs and creatives, including negotiating, reviewing, and drafting IP-related contracts of key importance to clients’ IP portfolios. She has represented graphic designers, visual artists, and producers in these areas. 

Alex graduated from Harvard Law School, where she participated in the Community Enterprise Project. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from Northwestern University in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS) and Anthropology. Prior to joining GGH LLP, she worked at the Arts Law Centre of Australia, the Office of the General Counsel of New York University, and at a global law firm.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex prides herself on being a community lawyer of service to her city. She has presented to groups at UCLA, California Institute of the Arts, Collective REMAKE, and Suffolk University School of Law. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis. Alex is proficient in Spanish.


Kas Vegas is a highly respected individual who excels in community building, education, and web3 advocacy. Renowned for her unwavering trustworthiness, she has advised a wide range of artists, brands, and companies. With a multifaceted background as an artist, musician, and captivating public speaker, Kas personifies the true essence of web3 possibilities. Her mission is to empower creators in equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace full ownership and autonomy of their work. Kas adeptly connects the realms of art, technology, culture, and provenance, serving as a vital bridge. With unwavering enthusiasm, she lends her vibrant voice to new projects, ventures, and creators, bringing a sense of excitement and opportunity in the rapidly evolving space.

Date: Friday, Sep 29, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT 

Cost: Free

Max: 100 Participants

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