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Karen Constine

Karen Constine is a consultant to arts & culture, entertainment and economic development nonprofits, government agencies and corporate clients. Karen Constine specializes in providing program and policy development; capacity building and strategic planning; feasibility studies and business planning; strategic communications; fundraising and resource development; civic/cultural engagement and providing interim leadership services. Karen frequently works with agencies, nonprofits and business entities, where arts and culture are intrinsically linked and tied to economic and community development programs and strategies.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Fundraising; Facilitation; Leadership; Human Resources/Staff Training; Programming; Management/Strategic Planning; Advocacy; Marketing/Communications; Board Development
Location(s): California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro
Phone: (323) 936-1975
Website: http://karenconstine.com

Adam Philipson

Adam Philipson is a senior arts administrator with a broad range of experience in the non-profit and educational sectors. Adam has a solid background in strategic, financial and operations planning; extensive arts programming, producing and arts education experience, with a strong background in the entertainment industry. In his career as an arts administrator Adam has a proven track record of success as a fundraiser for capital, programming, endowment and operational support. Adam is a demonstrated leader in complex educational and Civic settings and has built a formidable reputation for creating important and meaningful partnerships across multiple constituency groups.
Topic(s): Fundraising
Location(s): California Statewide


Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin’s work in artist’s books, mixed media installation, assemblage and sculpture is about memory, history, and social commentary. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad. A recipient of a California Arts Council Individual Artist’s Fellowship and a Eureka Fellowship from the Fleishhacker Foundation, Ms. Kokin’s work is in numerous public and private collections. She is represented by Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA, Tayloe Piggott Gallery in Jackson, WY, Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, ID and Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, TX. Ms. Kokin has a thriving studio teaching practice, which includes one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions, monthly critique groups, mixed media workshops and six-week classes. Visit www.lisakokin.com to see more of her work. For information about coaching and critique, visit www.lisakokin.com/teaching-coaching.html and www.lisakokin.com/teaching-critique.html 
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Facilitation; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Marketing/Communications; Other; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego
Phone: 510-758-5862
Website: http://www.lisakokin.com

Angela Johnson Peters

ALJ Consulting

Angela Johnson Peters has dedicated her professional and personal career to the support of cultural institutions, artists, and community organizations. Angela entered the art world when, as a volunteer, she walked onto a theater backstage for a jazz concert. That was more than 30 years ago. Johnson Peters has been a cultural worker, producer, writer, caterer, fundraiser, planner, facilitator, organizer, trainer, and travel writer. Angela sees her working with artists and arts organization as a calling, and believes passionately in the importance of art in our society. After spending ten years in the local arts agency field where she developed ways to promote and support the arts communities in the San Francisco Bay Area cities of Berkeley and Oakland; in 1999, Angela founded ALJ Consulting which specializes in developing resources, effectively planning and successfully implementing programs with the non-profit, philanthropic, and government sectors. Over the years, she estimates working with close to 280 organizations and over 135 artists. Some of her formerly clients include dance companies, community arts centers, musicians, playwright festivals, theater groups, film festivals, and museums. Angela has worked with the National Endowment for the Arts as a site visitor and panelist; the California Arts Council, as producer for a statewide arts leaders conference; and served as a panelist for every municiple arts agency in the San Francisco Bay Area and the cities of Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Accomplished in the areas of strategic planning, development, special events planning, community outreach, and coaching; Angela is currently one of the coaches for the Los Angeles Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color. Angela is a trained facilitator and has completed programs with the Grassroots Institute of Fundraising Training (GIFT), the National Community Development Institute’s Community Builders Leadership Program, and is a Wilder Foundation Shannon Leadership Fellow. 
Topic(s): Financial Management and Accounting; Executive Coaching; Networking/Field Learning; Fundraising; Facilitation; Leadership; Management Training; Human Resources/Staff Training; Programming; Audience Development; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Marketing/Communications; Other; Volunteer Management; Board Development
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions
Phone: (310) 597-2526

Carole Ann Klonarides

Art career Management Consultant for Artists, Galleries and Arts Organizations

CA Klonarides Art Consulting 2009 – Present (4 years) Advises artists working in all mediums and styles on all matters related to furthering their careers: business, exhibitions, marketing, grant-writing and how to enrich art administrative experiences; advises galleries and small non-profit art organizations on strategies for greater visibility and future growth. Specialties: Media Arts, video art, sound art and performance, photography, painting and sculpture, installation art, public art Bio- Carole Ann Klonarides is an independent art career management consultant for artists, galleries and art organizations. In addition, she is a curator of contemporary art and media, art writer, co-producer of collaborative videos on art and artists (MICA-TV) and visiting lecturer of contemporary and media art. She has worked in a variety of settings and contexts – director of a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles and New York, museum curator of all media, director of a company that provides services for artists, non-profit grant-writer and fundraiser, international programmer of educational programs, experiences which are directly transferable to her current position. Her recent curatorial project was, “Che Mondo” (What a World!),” a group exhibition of contemporary photography for the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery at Barnsdall Park, February – April 2013. She was the Director of the Artist Pension Trust, Los Angeles (2004-06); Curator of Programming at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (1997-2000); and Media Arts Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art (1991-95). 
Topic(s): Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training
Location(s): National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions

Website: http://Linkedin.com

Alan Bamberger


ArtBusiness.com provides complete art consulting and advisory services, art appraisals, art price data, articles for artists and collectors, and market research and information to anyone involved with art. Services include appraising all works of fine art; consulting on buying, selling, donating, collecting or otherwise transacting in works of fine art; assistance with inheritance issues involving art; research, documentation, organization and assistance in settlement or dissemination of artist estates; assistance in resolving disputes or disagreements over art; and expert testimony and opinions in legal cases involving art. ArtBusiness.com accesses a variety of databases containing well over 5,000,000 art price sales records, and biographical information for more than 450,000 artists. For artists at all stages in their careers, ArtBusiness.com consults on matters including organizing and presenting their art, writing about their art, assistance with situations involving formal agreements or representation of their art, marketing, promotion, pricing individual or multiple works of art, approaching the marketplace, targeting specific venues for possible shows or sales, website functionality, selling online, self-representation, exhibiting and selling at galleries or alternative venues, long term career development, estate issues, and appraisal and documentation of individual pieces or larger bodies of work. ArtBusiness.com contains over 3,000 pages of free content, over 50,000 images, regularly posts art business articles, reviews art gallery openings, critiques art, covers art market news, and critically evaluates specialized technical art reference books, CD-ROMs and online databases. Out-of-print and rare art reference books and exhibition catalogues are also available through the site. 
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Audience Development; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Advocacy; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego

Website: http://www.artbusiness.com

Amy Kweskin

Artsightful : Arts Management Training, Insight Coaching, Capacity Consulting

Amy Kweskin is an arts management specialist with a focus on mindful business planning to support artists, managers and board members in defining their goals and clearly envisioning a pathway to sustainability. For over 15 years she has been an educator, consultant and coach taking complex business concepts and transforming them into accomplishable steps. Since 2010 Amy has worked with the Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) presenting Business of Art training sessions in San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley, and Sacramento. She wrote the Strategic Planning chapter in the CCI Business of Art: An Artist’s Guide to Profitable Self-Employment – second edition. Amy is a co-founder and chair of http://www.c2arts.com Coaches and Coaches or the Arts.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Leadership; Management Training; Human Resources/Staff Training; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Board Development
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; North Coast; California Statewide; South Bay Area
Phone: 4159949901
Website: http://www.artsightful.com

Association of California Symphony Orchestras

Founded in 1969 as a means of sharing information and resources for California orchestras, the Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO) is the largest state orchestra association in the U.S. Over the past 50 years, ACSO membership has grown to include nearly 130 organizational members and their 2,000+ board and staff. Its Board of Directors is representative of organizations with different budget sizes, from different geographic areas, and consists of trustees, music directors, musicians, volunteers and staff. Membership is open to orchestras, choruses and classical music presenters of all sizes, symphony leagues and guilds, youth orchestras, festivals, artists managements, businesses, and individuals associated with orchestras or wishing to access ACSO's services.
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Fundraising; Volunteer Management
Location(s): California Statewide
Phone: (800) 495-2276
Website: http://www.acso.org

Britt Bravo

Britt Bravo

You have an idea for how your work could make our collective or individual lives better, but you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused about how to take it from idea to reality. You’re not looking for a “guru” or someone to tell you what to do. You want a thought partner, a friendly companion, a trusted guide to support you on your journey as a creative entrepreneur, writer, artist, or healer. Our coaching sessions will help you clarify, create, and communicate your Big Vision for your work in the world. Now more than ever we need people like you who can bring the broken parts of ourselves and our world together. Britt Bravo helps creative entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and healers clarify, create, and communicate their Big Vision for their work in the world. Practical and intuitive, she has worked in the personal growth and social change sector for almost 30 years. An early adopter of social media for social change, her local paper named her the “Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change” and she was listed in Fast Company’s “Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock.” Britt wrote for BlogHer and WE tv’s WE Volunteer initiative, and produced the Arts and Healing Podcast and Big Vision Podcast for many years. She holds a BA in Sociology from Vassar College and an MA in Creation Spirituality from Holy Names College. Originally from Mystic, CT, she has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991 and brings an East and West Coast sensibility to her work.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Marketing/Communications
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; San Francisco Bay Area; National; California Statewide; Other States/Regions
Phone: 510-757-9684 x
Website: http://brittbravo.com

California Lawyers for the Arts

California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) is a statewide nonprofit service organization, providing educational programs, lawyer referrals, dispute resolution services, advocacy and other resources for artists and arts organizations. Founded in 1974 by lawyers and artists, its programs and services are designed to help artists understand and apply legal concepts. CLA offers self-help legal workshops in the San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area, Santa Monica/Los Angeles Area and Sacramento. Artists and arts organizations serve as agents of democratic involvement, innovation, and positive social change, and the growth of an empowered arts sector is essential to healthy communities. The goal of CLA s educational programs is to provide affordable, quality legal and business educational workshops and seminars to empower artists throughout California at the earliest, stages of their careers and to offer continuing education throughout their working lives as artists. CLA workshops, seminars and training programs provide substantive legal and business information for the arts and entertainment communities. In an environment of reduced resources for the arts and rapidly escalating living expenses, artists need a working knowledge of the legal and business aspects of their profession in order to earn a living. CLA has established itself as an excellent legal educational resource with affordable programs.

Statewide Lawyer Referral & Info. Service
LRIS Hotline: (888) 775-8995

Greater Los Angeles Area Office:
12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 304
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: (310) 207-0001

Greater Sacramento Area Office:
Also home to: Sacramento Mediation Center
2015 J Street, Suite 204
Sacramento, CA 95811
Tel: (916) 442-6210 or (916) 441-7979
Fax: (916) 441-1170

San Francisco Bay Area:
Home to LRIS and AAMS
Wells Fargo Building
2140 Shattuck Ave., Suite 310
Berkeley, CA 94704
Tel: (888) 775-8995
Fax: (510) 201-9957

Topic(s): Legal Issues
Location(s): California Statewide
Phone: (888) 775-8995
Website: http://www.calawyersforthearts.org

Jonathan Tobin

Counsel for Creators

Legal provides an essential ingredient for growing successful and sustainable businesses, yet too many creative people find the whole thing overwhelming. Counsel for Creators helps creative business owners get proactive about legal so that they can stop worrying and focus on building something great.
Topic(s): Legal Issues
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; California Statewide
Phone: 213-935-0745 x
Website: http://www.counselforcreators.com

Cheryl Bartky

Counseling for the Soul

My purpose is to help you custom design your life, your career, and your business. As your coach and counselor I partner with you to help you achieve your highest purpose and embrace your fullest potential. With my support you can clarify your life, career, and business/company goals, dreams and desires. I will inspire you to organically develop a rewarding plan of action leading towards the realization of your goals and dreams. I'll provide the motivational support to keep you on track even when obstacles inevitably come your way. And I’ll help you transform these obstacles into opportunities. As Osho said, “To be creative means to be in love with life." Let’s make sure you’re living and loving your one precious life. My credentials include licensed professional clinical counselor, board certified coach, and board certified dance-movement/creative arts therapist. I’m also a published author and frequent radio show guest. My expertise includes working with artistic/creative people for 30+ years.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; California Statewide
Phone: 510-299-4190 x
Website: http://www.Counseling4theSoul.com

Marc Zegans

Creative Development

As a creative development advisor, I’ve spent more than twenty years helping individuals, arts organizations and creatively driven enterprises successfully follow their muse. I work with artists charting next steps, writers moving through blocks, creative organizations in transition, musicians seeking sustainable income, artists planning their creative legacies, business owners craving a more rewarding work life, and many others. Their common need: Seasoned guidance in charting their creative courses; undertaking work that has integrity and meaning; finding and maintaining their natural audiences; navigating successful transitions across the principal stages of their creative careers; achieving financial growth and public recognition in ways that deepen their creativity, and emerging from creative crises with vitality and strength.
Topic(s): Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; National; California Statewide
Phone: (857) 399-3581 x
Website: http://mycreativedevelopment.com

Danielle Marcelle Bond

Danielle Marcelle Bond

If you want a career in the arts, you need to have a Plan A. It’s not about having one goal with a straight arrow to it. It’s about creating an ultimate career goal and a plan to get there so that you know how to articulate it to others so they can see how to use your talent & how to help you. Knowing your skills, resources and assets and being able to express clearly what you want from life will get you jobs. As a Film & TV music executive at a major record company, I had the pleasure of running our west coast internship program. Through mentoring our valuable interns, I thrived by helping people achieve their goals and break into their career path. I was then a part time opera singer, and decided to use the lessons I was teaching them to apply to my own true career path. Through tangible action steps, guided by a Plan A, I got to my goal of singing full time. Yet, I still had many people contacting me for mentorship to break into the entertainment industry, whether it be in music licensing, singing, acting, or taking the next step in their careers, developing management & leadership skills, work efficiency and marketing strategies. It was then that I started taking on these people as clients. It is joyful work for me to help others get where they are meant to go. I've worked with countless people as a singer and in the music industry and am so inspired by the unique paths available to us all. A common thread is that we need mentorship. I didn't realize how important it was until years into my career when, for the first time, I became a mentor. In my one-on-one consultations, I work with people on their specific needs. A few examples of frequent client needs are: • Create your Plan A -Assess your ultimate career goal -Identify the assets, resources and skills you currently have -Plan to acquire the assets, resources and skills you need -Create action steps & timelines to move your Plan A forward • Resume and cover letter revisions & interview skills • Management & Leadership styles • Educational guidance as to the best courses to take for your specific goals • Social media development • Website development • Demo & Press Kit development 
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Marketing/Communications; Other; Education
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro

Website: http://www.alwayshaveaplan.com

Greg Victoroff

Greg Victoroff & Associates

Greg Victoroff is a partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Rohde & Victoroff. Since 1979 Mr. Victoroff’s practice has involved handling business and intellectual property trials and appeals in state and federal courts and negotiating copyright, trademark, fine art, intellectual property, publishing, film, music, and visual art contracts. He has received a Martindale-Hubbell rating of “AV Preeminent,” the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards. Mr. Victoroff’s institutional clients have included Epson, Mark Burnett Productions, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem as Trustees of the Estate of Albert Einstein, the Graphic Artist’s Guild, Tacony, Balcony Press, Soft Air USA, Bellwork Press, Intervisual Books, the Italian-American Opera Foundation, The Erotic Museum, Plaza de Cultura et Artes, sculptors Carole Feuerman, Tony Delap, musicians Chuck Mangione, Al McKay, Bruno Mars, Phranc, and art galleries Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, Timothy Yarger Fine Art and Ikon Fine Art, among others. Certified by the State Bar of California as an MCLE provider, Mr. Victoroff frequently lectures on intellectual property law matters for Bar Associations, law schools, art and music schools across the country, including UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, Yale Entertainment and Sports Law Association, American Bar Association, American Law Institute, State Bar of California, American Association of Museums, The Art Institute of California - Hollywood, The University of The Arts, Honolulu Academy of Art Center, Claremont College, California Institute of the Arts, Hollywood Film Festival, Otis/Parsons College of Art and of Design, California State Northridge, Art Center College of Design, Ringling School of Art and Design, Chaffee College, College of the Desert, Screen Actor’s Guild, The Graphic Artist’s Guild, The Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair and Art Expo New York. Mr. Victoroff has served as a legal consultant to documentary films including “I Ain’t In It For My Health”, about Levon Helms, former vocalist and drummer for The Band, “Bombing LA”, about Los Angeles graffiti, “Kamikaze Hearts”, about the San Francisco and Los Angeles adult movie business, and NBC’s “Midnight Caller”. In addition to authoring numerous articles on copyright and entertainment law, he is the editor and co-author of “The Visual Artists Business and Legal Guide” (Prentice Hall 1995) and a contributor to “The Musicians Business and Legal Guide” (Prentice Hall 2001), “How To Make and Sell Your Own Recording” (Prentice Hall 1999), “A Music Business Primer” (Prentice Hall 2003) ,“Entertainment Publishing and the Arts Handbook” (Clark Boardman 1990) and the “Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines” (GAG 2001-2010). Mr. Victoroff is the past President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Barristers and a founding member of its Committee for the Arts. In 2008 he received the first Artistic License Award presented to an individual attorney from California Lawyers for the Arts. As a musician Mr. Victoroff has backed artists such as Santana, Huey Lewis and the News, Bobby McFerrin, Journey, Jefferson Starship and Graham Nash, Ernie Watts and Barbie Benton. He currently performs with the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic Orchestra and his own jazz ensemble. 
Topic(s): Legal Issues
Location(s): California Statewide
Phone: 310-207-8999
Website: http://www.victoroff-law.com

Daniel Nevers

Independent Consultant

Daniel Nevers is a conceptual artist, educator, and coach who thinks expansively to change the way people see the world. He is adept at fearlessly generating ideas through structured play, navigating unwieldy processes with transparency and humor, and synthesizing complex information to achieve clarity. He has extensive experience in nonprofit marketing communications with an emphasis on creating resonant message that nurture relationships over the long term, and he is skilled at designing frameworks, delivering eye-opening presentations, and facilitating inclusive discussions. He loves working with artists and nonprofit organizations to help them articulate and get what they want.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Leadership; Programming; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Education
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; South Bay Area
Phone: x
Website: http://www.danielnevers.com

Joan Mitchell Foundation

Joan Mitchell Foundation

The Joan Mitchell Foundation provides emergency support to US based visual artists working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and/or drawing, who have suffered significant losses after natural or manmade disasters that have affected their community. Artists who have been negatively impacted due to catastrophic situations of this nature can apply to the Foundation for funding. Please contact the Joan Mitchell Foundation for additional information at grantsupport@joanmitchellfoundation.org.
Topic(s): Financial Management and Accounting; Fundraising; Legal Issues; Advocacy; Other; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; Online Classes/Webinars; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego
Phone: (212) 524-0100 x
Website: http://joanmitchellfoundation.org/artist-programs/artist-grants/emergency

Judith Teitelman

Judith Teitelman Consulting

Judith Teitelman brings 36 years of experience helping grass roots, mid-sized and large organizations strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. She is a strong proponent of initiatives designed to examine and challenge long-standing assumptions about nonprofit administration and is committed to helping organizations rethink "business as usual." Judith is also a mentor to artists working in all disciplines. A skilled, innovative designer and facilitator of meetings and retreats, she regularly works with Board and staff members to institute positive, effective change. Judith’s national consulting practice provides a full range of services tailored to meet the unique vision and particular needs of each organization and artist. As planning consultant, trainer, executive leadership coach and technical assistance specialist, Judith has worked with the National Endowment for the Arts, L.A. County Arts Commission, St. Louis Regional Arts Commission, Los Angeles’ and Nashville’s Centers for Nonprofit Management, Center for Cultural Innovation, Flintridge Foundation’s Nonprofit Leadership Program, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, East West Players, PEN Center USA, and Riverside Art Museum, among many others. She is currently on faculty in the Theater School at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) co-teaching Entrepreneurship. More information can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judith-teitelman-02ab6412/. In her parallel realm, Judith’s debut novel, "Guesthouse for Ganesha,” was published on 7 May, 2019.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Fundraising; Facilitation; Leadership; Management Training; Human Resources/Staff Training; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Education; Board Development
Location(s): National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro
Phone: 323- 661-0987
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/judith-teitelman-02ab6412/

Kamella Tate

Kamella Tate Associates, LLC

KTA/LLC is an LA-based firm that provides research, evaluation, program design, and fund development services to nonprofits in the arts, healthcare, and education sectors. Clients have included LA Promise Fund, Library Foundation of Los Angeles, City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs, Film Independent, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, LA County Arts Commission, National Guild for Community Arts Educators, T.H.E. Health & Wellness Centers, and Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center, among others. We provide start-to-finish R&E services, including workplan design, literature reviews and resource compilation, instrument development and piloting, data collection (scaled surveys, focus groups, interviews, observation, document review, etc.), data analysis (quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods), preparation of reports and white papers, and management of research assistants and analysts.
Topic(s): Fundraising; Human Resources/Staff Training; Programming; Management/Strategic Planning; Other; Education
Location(s): National; California Statewide
Phone: 818-753-8438
Website: http://bit.ly/KTAllc2000

Kim Fowler

MESA Coaching

Kim is a certified coach, and a trainer and facilitator. She is on faculty of Leadership That Works. Kim coaches individuals, executives, partnerships and teams toward effective, values-driven performance. Through systems assessment and coaching she helps teams discover greater self-awareness, productivity and positive interaction. 
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Leadership; Management Training
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; California Statewide; South Bay Area
Phone: 510-534-5160 x
Website: http://www.mesacoaching.com

Morrie Warshawski

Morrie Warshawski

Morrie Warshawski has worked in the nonprofit arts and culture sector for over thirty years, bringing a commitment to the core values of tolerance, thoughtfulness, transparency, and creativity. He served as the Executive Director of three nonprofit arts organizations (the last one being Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco). Since 1986 he has been a consultant specializing in Strategic Planning with nonprofit organizations throughout the US (large and small and in every arts discipline), state arts agencies, local arts council, and community cultural planning with cities and counties. He served for six years as a consultant and regional coordinator for the National Endowment for the Arts’ Advancement Program, which provided fifteen months of planning support for arts organizations. As a writer, he created A STATE ARTS AGENCY PLANNING TOOLKIT for the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies; and a website on planning for the NEA called “Lessons Learned.” He is the author of many articles, and of two books on fundraising: THE FUNDRAISING HOUSEPARTY: HOW TO PARTY WITH A PURPOSE AND RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR CAUSE – 2nd Edition; and SHAKING THE MONEY TREE: THE ART OF GETTING GRANTS AND DONATIONS FOR FILM AND VIDEO – 3rd Edition. Morrie is the moderator for, and originator of, the “Strategic Planning for Nonprofits” Group on LinkedIn (with 75,000 members worldwide).
Topic(s): Fundraising; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning
Location(s): National; California Statewide
Phone: (707) 224-4353
Website: http://www.warshawski.com

Nancy Fox

Negotiation Fox

Nancy James Fox’s knowledge of negotiating and consensus building is founded upon extensive training and study of the most noted authorities on the subject. However, it is the application of these practices throughout her career that has given her unique insights to the field. Ms. Fox has held top-level management positions with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. From 1982 – 2000 she was U.S. Managing Director for the Swiss luxury watch company, Jaeger-LeCoultre, building that company from a virtual unknown to one of the most prestigious brands in the industry. As CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art from 2000-2007, she led a capital campaign and expansion project that doubled the size of the facility and catapulted the organization to international recognition. She has also served as Executive Director for the Long Beach Symphony. Over the course of her career, her negotiation skills have returned literally millions of dollars to her employers. Her passion for the subject led to the founding of her negotiation workshop business, Negotiation Fox, in 2010 and Negotiation-4-the-Arts in 2011. She has conducted workshops at numerous venues and conferences and has been a guest on popular radio shows. Ms. Fox earned her B.A. from Macalester College and an advanced degree from the Conservatory of Music in Frankfurt, Germany. She continued her education at Shenandoah University, where she studied business law, finance and marketing. In 2005, she received a fellowship to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she earned the Executive Leadership in Non-Profit Arts Certificate. Ms. Fox served on the California Association of Museums’ Board for ten years. 
Topic(s): Management Training; Human Resources/Staff Training; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Other
Location(s): Central Valley; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego
Phone: 562-716-9559 x
Website: http://www.negotiationfox.com

Allison Wyper

Rhizomatic Arts

Allison Wyper is an interdisciplinary artist with over a decade of experience providing administrative, marketing, and production support for artists and creative professionals. She founded Rhizomatic Arts in 2014 to provide affordable professional consulting, training, and services to independent artists and small companies in person and online. Allison specializes in 21st century marketing and communications, intuitive website design, publication assistance, and economical administrative systems. Rhizomatic Arts takes a holistic approach to creative sustainability, supporting the cultural eco-system on a grassroots, person-to-person level, empowering artists to take charge of their own careers within a supportive network of peers. Our motto: "work independently, not alone." Rhizomatic Arts is based in Los Angeles, with clients located across the US.
Topic(s): Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Marketing/Communications; Other
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions
Phone: (415) 370-8320
Website: http://rhizomaticarts.com


SCORE, mentors to America's small business, is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small business start, grow and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE offers free and confidential business advice through online and face-to-face mentoring
Topic(s): Management/Strategic Planning; Financial Management and Accounting; Legal Issues; Human Resources/Staff Training; Marketing/Communications
Location(s): California Statewide
Phone: (800) 634-0245
Website: http://www.score.org

Small Business Administration San Francisco District Office

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent federal agency established by Congress to assist, counsel, support and protect the interest of small business concerns and to assist them in their start-up and growth. The San Francisco District Office (SFDO) of the SBA serves fourteen counties in Northern California, spanning from Santa Cruz County to the south and to the Oregon border to the north. Counties include: Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma. SFDO is located in downtown San Francisco in the heart of the financial district. 1997 marked the opening of the Business Information Center and Entrepreneur Center opened directly across from the district office. In addition to the SBA's financial guarantee programs, these centers provide businesses with the tools for enhancing and growing their businesses. This reflects SFDO philosophy in assisting Northern California small businesses.
Topic(s): Management/Strategic Planning; Financial Management and Accounting; Legal Issues; Human Resources/Staff Training; Marketing/Communications
Location(s): California Statewide
Phone: (415) 744-6820
Website: http://www.sba.gov

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a place where anyone can come to acquire financial information on finding the best products and services, saving money, making smart investments, and controlling personal finances. Think of the The Simple Dollar as a personal finance platform you can use to make better financial decisions and grow your bank account.
Topic(s): Financial Management and Accounting; Networking/Field Learning; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Legal Issues; Other; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; Online Classes/Webinars; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego
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Website: http://www.TheSimpleDollar.com

Victoria Plettner-Saunders

v.p.s cartographie/artcareercafe.com

Victoria Plettner-Saunders is Chief Strategist at v.p.s. cartographie an arts research, strategy and planning firm. In addition, she created ArtCareerCafe.com, a nonprofit arts sector-specific site to help connect qualified, passionate arts job seekers with employers; provide career and arts business coaching and research to the field. With more than 25 years experience, her work assists arts workers and leaders; arts organizations; philanthropic foundation; and arts agencies with services such as research; assessment; planning and professional development. She has led or managed small andmid-sized arts organizations, and managed programs and the agency's budget at the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture.
Topic(s): Financial Management and Accounting; Executive Coaching; Networking/Field Learning; Facilitation; Leadership; Non Profit Job Opportunities; Human Resources/Staff Training; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; National; California Statewide; San Diego
Phone: 619-540-2925 x
Website: http://www.vpscartographie.com

Marc Vogl

Vogl Consulting

Vogl Consulting helps leaders at nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies get what they need to get where they want to go. Services include: - strategic planning - facilitation - board effectiveness - event planning and production - executive coaching - research, evaluation, and data - fundraising training and grant research Principal Consultant Marc Vogl has worked in the trenches and in leadership positions at cultural nonprofits and foundations and taught courses in managing arts organizations and cultural policy at Brown University. In 1997 Marc co-founded the San Francisco comedy group Killing My Lobster and went on to become an arts program officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Executive Director of the Bay Area Video Coalition. Marc has served on the San Francisco Arts Task Force, Oakland's Arts Funding Advisory Council and on Obama’s National Arts Policy Committee. Marc is a trustee of the MOCA Foundation, a Mayoral appointee to the San Francisco Citizens Committee on Community Development and Board Member of The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Marc has a BA from Brown University and an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The combination of experiences in the arts sector, academia and in public policy drive Marc’s passion for working with nonprofits and philanthropists to address social problems and enrich communities creatively and systematically. 
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Leadership; Management/Strategic Planning; Board Development
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; National; California Statewide
Phone: (415) 815-8441
Website: http://www.voglconsulting.com

Nancy Walch

Walch Consulting

Nancy and Richard Walch provide leadership coaching & strategy for emerging art and nonprofit leaders.
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Leadership
Location(s): National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro
Phone: (310) 475-6254