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Alan Bamberger


ArtBusiness.com provides complete art consulting and advisory services, art appraisals, art price data, articles for artists and collectors, and market research and information to anyone involved with art. Services include appraising all works of fine art; consulting on buying, selling, donating, collecting or otherwise transacting in works of fine art; assistance with inheritance issues involving art; research, documentation, organization and assistance in settlement or dissemination of artist estates; assistance in resolving disputes or disagreements over art; and expert testimony and opinions in legal cases involving art. ArtBusiness.com accesses a variety of databases containing well over 5,000,000 art price sales records, and biographical information for more than 450,000 artists. For artists at all stages in their careers, ArtBusiness.com consults on matters including organizing and presenting their art, writing about their art, assistance with situations involving formal agreements or representation of their art, marketing, promotion, pricing individual or multiple works of art, approaching the marketplace, targeting specific venues for possible shows or sales, website functionality, selling online, self-representation, exhibiting and selling at galleries or alternative venues, long term career development, estate issues, and appraisal and documentation of individual pieces or larger bodies of work. ArtBusiness.com contains over 3,000 pages of free content, over 50,000 images, regularly posts art business articles, reviews art gallery openings, critiques art, covers art market news, and critically evaluates specialized technical art reference books, CD-ROMs and online databases. Out-of-print and rare art reference books and exhibition catalogues are also available through the site. 
Topic(s): Executive Coaching; Audience Development; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Advocacy; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego

Website: http://www.artbusiness.com

J. Alexandra Mathews

Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles

Dance Resource Center is the hub and voice for Greater Los Angeles dance. DRC promotes the visibility and viability of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state and national levels. DRC welcomes all professional dance companies, makers and stakeholders of all genres, organizational formats, and perspectives. Just as Southern California ranks as the most diverse region of the U.S, DRC represents and includes dance forms and voices reflecting LA’s rich socio-cultural mosaic. www.danceresourcecenter.org
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Facilitation; Non Profit Job Opportunities; Audience Development; Advocacy; Marketing/Communications; Other
Location(s): Los Angeles Metro
Phone: x
Website: http://www.danceresourcecenter.org

Debra Chasnoff


We specialize in crafting strategic documentary films and distribution campaigns with ambitious social, economic, and environmental justice goals. Working closely with movement advocates and public interest organizations, we: • envision the structural, political, or cultural change that needs to happen; • identify the stories and messaging that can move audiences to get involved; • assess the best format, length, and style that will help achieve the project’s goals; • collaborate to craft a top-notch production; • design an audience engagement and outreach strategy that will harness the power of film to catalyze change. Individually, President and Senior Producer Debra Chasnoff is a coach and consultant to filmmakers and non-profit leaders. 
Topic(s): Audience Development; Management/Strategic Planning; Advocacy; Marketing/Communications
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 415 641 4616 x 306
Website: http://www.groundspark.org

Joan Mitchell Foundation

Joan Mitchell Foundation

The Joan Mitchell Foundation provides emergency support to US based visual artists working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and/or drawing, who have suffered significant losses after natural or manmade disasters that have affected their community. Artists who have been negatively impacted due to catastrophic situations of this nature can apply to the Foundation for funding. Please contact the Joan Mitchell Foundation for additional information at grantsupport@joanmitchellfoundation.org.
Topic(s): Financial Management and Accounting; Fundraising; Legal Issues; Advocacy; Other; Education
Location(s): Central Valley; Online Classes/Webinars; San Francisco Bay Area; National; North Coast; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro; Other States/Regions; Inland Empire; South Bay Area; San Diego
Phone: (212) 524-0100 x
Website: http://joanmitchellfoundation.org/artist-programs/artist-grants/emergency

Shreya Shah

SALTWATER Social Justice Training & Consulting

SALTWATER: Social Justice Training & Consulting is committed to giving trainings that strengthen communities, universities, colleges, organizations and movement-building for sustainable, lasting social change. SALTWATER designs, plans, and facilitates retreats, institutes, leadership development projects, webinars, individualized and group coaching, panel speaking, and long-term contracts in California and nationally. I work with clients to customize trainings based on what issues and content is important for their group/organization. Shreya D. Shah, MPH is a facilitator, healer, artist, and activist. S.D. has over 10 years of experience providing workshops and education. She has worked as a sexual health educator, youth worker, HIV/STD Tester & Counselor, media justice project editor, and facilitator around the States. Shreya graduated from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) with a B.A. in Political Science and Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Public Health, focusing on health inequities, the built environment, and community-based participatory research (CBPR). She is Training for Change's JCJ Fellowship Program Co-Coordinator for Trainers of Color and a member of the Funding Queerly Giving Circle , mobilizing resources for community organizing by and for LGBTQI communities. She co-founded and co-directed the Rhizome Consulting Project before being called to her next chapter with SALTWATER Training & Consulting. S.D. is a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, supporting individuals to deconstruct 'old stories' to heal and actualize their goals and visions. She integrates a body-based approach into her facilitation & healing work, moving groups through challenging experiences in an embodied, grounded way. She is deepening this capacity as part of a cohort of politicized healers through the Generative Somatics : Somatics & Trauma 2015 Program. Shreya's art and design work shares liberatory, healing messages that can be found locally and nationally, in stores and online.
Topic(s): Facilitation; Human Resources/Staff Training; Management/Strategic Planning; Advocacy; Education
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: x
Website: http://www.saltwatertraining.org

San Francisco Bay Area Capacity Builders of Color Directory

San Francisco Bay Area Capacity Builders of Color Directory aims to help community-based organizations, nonprofits and foundations identify prospective consultants of color and to aid consultants of color working with the nonprofit sector in the San Francisco Bay Area to get the word out about the services they offer.
Topic(s): Advocacy; Fundraising; Marketing/Communications
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area; South Bay Area; North Coast

Website: http://www.bayareaconsultantsofcolor.org

Pablo Hernandez-Garcia

Youth Speak Collective

Youth Speak Collective is a youth-driven organization founded on the idea that all young people can succeed if provided with the right opportunities. We follow a “for youth, by youth” philosophy in which young people are help design and implement our academic, artistic and leadership programs.
Topic(s): Leadership; Non Profit Job Opportunities; Advocacy; Education
Location(s): Los Angeles Metro
Phone: 818-890-2928 x
Website: http://www.youthspeakcollective.org