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J. Alexandra Mathews

Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles

Dance Resource Center is the hub and voice for Greater Los Angeles dance. DRC promotes the visibility and viability of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state and national levels. DRC welcomes all professional dance companies, makers and stakeholders of all genres, organizational formats, and perspectives. Just as Southern California ranks as the most diverse region of the U.S, DRC represents and includes dance forms and voices reflecting LA’s rich socio-cultural mosaic. www.danceresourcecenter.org
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Facilitation; Non Profit Job Opportunities; Audience Development; Advocacy; Marketing/Communications; Other
Location(s): Los Angeles Metro
Phone: x
Website: http://www.danceresourcecenter.org

Dance USA

Dance/USA sustains and advances professional dance by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of dance artists, administrators, and organizations. By providing services and national leadership, Dance/USA enhances the infrastructure for dance creation, education, and performance. Established in 1982 as the national service organization for the professional dance field, Dance/USA is a membership organization currently serving over 400 ballet, modern, ethnic, jazz, and tap companies, dance service and presenting organizations, individuals, and related organizations. By working with and for its membership, Dance/USA provides: Member Services; Professional Development; Advocacy; Research and Information Services; Public Communications. Branch Offices to serve local dance communities Dance/USA occupies a unique position in the field as the only national provider dedicated to serving a broad cross-section of professional dance
Topic(s): Leadership; Marketing/Communications; Non Profit Job Opportunities
Location(s): National

Website: http://www.danceusa.org

Dancers' Group

Founded in 1982, Dancers' Group has established itself as an invaluable service organization for the San Francisco Bay Area dance community. Our programs support dance artists in producing their work, cultivating their craft, and creating connections. We also serve as advocates for the dance community on a local, regional and national level. Our programs include Dancers' Group Presents, featuring 2nd Sundays, Dance Discourse Project and ONSITE; In Dance, our monthly print publication sharing Bay Area dance with readers across the U.S.; our Ebulletin, networking over 2,500 artists and dance supporters and keeping them informed about current happenings; and our Fiscal Sponsorship Program, providing mentorship and administrative and financial oversight for dance projects. Throughout the year, Dancers' Group presents development workshops in areas such as fundraising, publicity, video documentation and more.
Topic(s): Fundraising; Marketing/Communications; Technology Training
Location(s): San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: (415) 920-9181
Website: http://www.dancersgroup.org

Danielle Marcelle Bond

Danielle Marcelle Bond

If you want a career in the arts, you need to have a Plan A. It’s not about having one goal with a straight arrow to it. It’s about creating an ultimate career goal and a plan to get there so that you know how to articulate it to others so they can see how to use your talent & how to help you. Knowing your skills, resources and assets and being able to express clearly what you want from life will get you jobs. As a Film & TV music executive at a major record company, I had the pleasure of running our west coast internship program. Through mentoring our valuable interns, I thrived by helping people achieve their goals and break into their career path. I was then a part time opera singer, and decided to use the lessons I was teaching them to apply to my own true career path. Through tangible action steps, guided by a Plan A, I got to my goal of singing full time. Yet, I still had many people contacting me for mentorship to break into the entertainment industry, whether it be in music licensing, singing, acting, or taking the next step in their careers, developing management & leadership skills, work efficiency and marketing strategies. It was then that I started taking on these people as clients. It is joyful work for me to help others get where they are meant to go. I've worked with countless people as a singer and in the music industry and am so inspired by the unique paths available to us all. A common thread is that we need mentorship. I didn't realize how important it was until years into my career when, for the first time, I became a mentor. In my one-on-one consultations, I work with people on their specific needs. A few examples of frequent client needs are: • Create your Plan A -Assess your ultimate career goal -Identify the assets, resources and skills you currently have -Plan to acquire the assets, resources and skills you need -Create action steps & timelines to move your Plan A forward • Resume and cover letter revisions & interview skills • Management & Leadership styles • Educational guidance as to the best courses to take for your specific goals • Social media development • Website development • Demo & Press Kit development 
Topic(s): Networking/Field Learning; Career Development: Multiple Topic Business Training; Marketing/Communications; Other; Education
Location(s): Online Classes/Webinars; National; California Statewide; Los Angeles Metro

Website: http://www.alwayshaveaplan.com