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Project Incubator

incubator_graphic.jpgExploring new tools, programs and ideas can lead to the next generation of innovative solutions for artists everywhere.

The Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) works to provide artists with funding, professional development and community-building programs, while also recognizing that other gaps exist in the ecology. To address these needs, CCI established a Project Incubator in 2007, designed to develop new knowledge, tools and programs that can result in advancements, and even breakthroughs, in the support system for artists.

CCI’s Project Incubator serves as both a “think tank” and research and development lab that works strategically with select teams of funders, artists, researchers, field practitioners and other innovation partners who have the capacity and readiness to work on specific problem-solving projects in three principal areas: Artist Research, Partnership Initiatives and Advocacy. Explore the links provided to see what we’ve been up to!

Artist Research

Dance Report los_angeles.jpg incubator-cep.jpg

The Evolving State of Dance in Los Angeles

(Oda Homsey, Bonnie. 2014, 29 pages)

Policy brief on individual artists in Los Angeles and future policy implications and opportunities, commissioned by Center for Cultural Innovation.

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Los Angeles: America’s Artist Super City

(Markusen, Ann. 2010, 24 pages)

Policy brief on individual artists in Los Angeles and future policy implications and opportunities, commissioned by Center for Cultural Innovation.

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San Jose Creative Entrepreneur Project: Artists’ Resource and Space Study

(Markusen, Ann, Anne Gadwa and Pat Shifferd. 2008, 53 pages)

A first-ever study of San Jose individual artists’ needs commissioned by the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Center for Cultural Innovation.

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Partnership Initiatives


California Arts Leaders Investments(CALI)

Creative Capacity Fund

The Creative Capacity Fund is a collaborative funding project administered by the Center for Cultural Innovation. It provides grants to support professional development and next generation leadership opportunities for California artists and arts administrators. >MORE

California Arts Leaders Investments

A three-year initiative designed to strengthen and retain emerging administrative talent in the nonprofit arts field by providing individual training and professional development opportunities, convening activities, and grants to arts organizations to explore innovative policies and practices related to next generation arts leadership. >MORE



San Jose Creative Entrepreneur Project

Is there a role that the City of San Jose could play to make it a more artist-friendly city to both enrich its cultural vitality and advance Silicon Valley’s creative economy? This was the central question behind the San Jose Creative Entrepreneur Project. >MORE

National Coalition for Art Preparedness and Emergency Response

We are pleased to announce that our Program Director, Jayna Swartzman-Brosky, will be joining the National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response (NCAPER) beginning in January 2016.  NCAPER is a national network of arts professionals, advocates and organizations committed to promoting emergency preparedness and building relief and readiness services, tools and information for artists, arts/culture organizations and arts businesses, in times of crisis or disaster. As a Steering Committee Member, Jayna will be representing CCI to reflect the needs and circumstances of artists and arts workers in California.




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Artists United For Health Care

In 2007, with a legislative debate on universal healthcare looming, CCI worked with a consortium of funders, technologists and health care advocates to launch a new website portal for California artists in 2007 called Artists United for Healthcare (AUFH). The website was designed to provide individual artists with information and a voice in the state’s universal healthcare legislative debate. >MORE

Arts In The California Governor’s Race

This project was established in June 2010 as a nonpartisan effort to ensure that issues related to the arts and the creative economy are successfully inserted into the California Governor's race. It was organized by a consortium of nonprofit arts organizations, arts support groups, artists and concerned individual supporters of the arts. >MORE



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