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CCI - The Art of Fundraising - San Jose

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 Cultural Practitioner
 Cultural Producer
 Organization Staff

What is your career stage?
 Mid Career

What is your artistic discipline or area of cultural production? (Select all that apply.)
 Folk/Traditional Arts  
 Humanities/Literary Arts  
 Media Arts  
 Musical Theatre  
 Social Practice  
 Visual Arts  
 XR (AR, MR, and/or VR)  

How did you hear about this workshop?
 CCI Newsletter  
 CCI Website  
 CCI Workshop  
 Social Media  

The information requested below is CONFIDENTIAL and will be used for internal purposes only to better capture and understand the population we serve. As such, the information you provide may be used in summary statistics.

With which gender(s) do you identify? (Select all that apply.)
 Gender Non-conforming  
 Two Spirit  
 Prefer Not to State  
 Write-in option  

Do you identify as LGBQ?
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Do you identify as a person with a disability?
 Prefer Not to State
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How do you identify? (Select all that apply.)
 Arab, Arab American  
 Asian, Asian American  
 Asian Indian, Asian Indian American  
 African, African American/Black  
 Indigenous, Native Alaskan, Native American  
 Latin American, Latino/a, Latinx  
 Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander  
 Sephardic, Ashkenazi Jew  
 Prefer Not to State  
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What is the highest degree or level of education you have completed?
 Some high school, no diploma
 High school degree, diploma or equivalent (for example GED)
 Some college credit, no degree
 Apprenticeship/technical/trade/vocational training
 Associate’s degree
 Bachelor’s degree
 Master’s degree
 Doctorate degree
 Prefer Not to State

Do you owe any student loans currently?
 Prefer Not to State